1. Is your facility handicap accessible?

  1. Yes, we are fully handicap accessible including our stage.

  1. Can I use my own caterer?

  1. Yes, for events open to the public any caterer can be used. For private events you are welcome to bring in your own food.

  1. We would like alcohol at our event. Are there approved vendors that you allow?

  1. Yes, there are 3 vendors within Boone County that have the proper liquor license that allows them to bring alcohol to our facility. They are Wild Cherries (815-847-0013); Coach’s Corner (815-566-3439) and The Shortline (815-547-6666). Refer to our Alcohol Policy for details.

  1. Do you have a minimum or maximum amount of time for a rental?

  1. We have a 2 hour minimum and a 9 hour maximum. We are flexible so if this is an issue please let us know and we can make every attempt to assist you.

  1. My event needs video and audio. Is this something available and what is the cost?

  1. We can accommodate basic audio and video services as no charge to you. This would include things such as 4 microphones, monitors, a projector and a screen. Once you explain what your needs are we can assist in coming up with a solution. If your needs are beyond our basic service, we have some contacts that might be able to help

  1. Does your building have secure Wi-Fi?

  1. Yes, we do! Throughout the entire building Wi-Fi is available.

  1. How many people can your building accommodate?

  1. This is dependent on a few different things such as

1) is your event banquet style ?

2) What space is needed for other areas than seating at your event. IE. a dance floor etc.

We have permanent theatre seating for 576. Banquet style events can be accommodated up to 300. This is all flexible based on the details of your event. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you when the details are explained.

  1. What type of events can you accommodate?

  1. We hold a variety of events ranging from weddings, baby and wedding showers, plays, music shows, fundraising banquets, auctions. We accommodate events put on both by community organizations and private parties.

  1. Do we need to leave the building by a specific time?

  1. All events must end no later than 11 pm. We do allow a period of time after this for you to gather your belongings and leave the building.